Open Source Conference 2013 Tokyo Fall

Open Source Conference(OSC) is the event which has introduced many open source projects in Japan. In Tokyo 2013 this time, total of over 80 community participate and got about 1,300 attendee.

Tizen Japan Consortium(TJC) joined to OSC 2013 Tokyo Fall in Japan. NEXCOM provided their Tizen IVI platforms to us. (Thanks @TNaruto)


TJC had a presentation to introduce atout Tizen. Presenter is Naruto Takahashi(aka @TNaruto). He is expert of Tizen technology especially EFL in Japan. (That slide is not displayed but it would be published soon on his blog, I guess.)

And I also had a 5 min presentation about Tizen as comedy. (OSC has a short time presentation that called "lighting talk".)
That slide is below. (I'm sorry. It's only in Japanese. I'll translate to English in a few days...)

Tizen is not acceptable still in Japan. In particular the bad news is as that NTT DoCoMo's Tizen device release has been postponed. About Tizen-IVI app store is also not clear. However, it is said to be unclear, is also a big chance. Of course, we Japanese engineer expect Tizen especially IVI.