Tizen OS image for Galaxy S2


I'll publish my ported Tizen(ver 2.1) rootfs and kernel.

Tizen Rootfs

Tizen kernel (for ISW11SC)

Tizen kernel (for GT-I9100)

If someone try these and find problems please note me. I might mistake because I have uploaded from Shinkansen.

And these are experimentals. The worst your device might break. It should be done at your own risk attempts.

What are these files?

Tizen OS Image(filesystem) and kernel images for trying to boot on Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100 / ISW11SC).

How can I try that?

Tizen OS Image

Download below file to your PC and decompress with below commands.

sudo tar zxfv ./tizen-rootfs.tar.gz

NOTES: If you don't use sudo command, you'll face decompress failure.

My Tizen kernel assumes filesystem assigned on uSD's partition No2. Prepare uSD ( at least over 4GB) and have to make ext4 format two partitions. For example my uSD's partition is below.

Partition No1 -> size:1GB
Partition No2 -> size:4GB

If you could make partitions, you copy compressed files to uSD partitions No2 with below command.

sudo cp -Rap ./tizen-rootfs/* /media/???/xxxx
(*)/media/???/xxxx is mounted partition No2 on uSD.
   When copying is finished you have to unmount uSD.

Tizen kernel

Flashing kernel with heimdal. For example below command.

sudo heimdal flash --kernel zImage_xxx

... I'm very sorry time is up. Try on their own any more.